Ep. 18: Why Should I Have Work-Life Balance?

Why Should I? Podcast Ep. 18: Why Should I Have Work-Life Balance?

For many of us, our job consumes way more time than just 40 hours a week.  Sometimes that is a standard our employer sets for us, but sometimes that is a routine that we choose for ourselves.  It is no secret that as an American culture, we value hard work, but at what point does working more become counterproductive? At what point do we begin sacrificing what truly matters for the sake of work? We have to ask ourselves: Why am I working so hard?

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Mary Speer is the Head Local for Origin Lexington, a new hotel opening early summer 2019 at The Summit at Fritz Farm in Lexington, KY.  Her beautiful equine photography has been featured in VisitLex publications and blog, in the Pam Miller Downtown Arts Center, and Visit Horse Country Promotions. You can find her work at maryspeer.com and be sure to follow her on Instagram @maryjspeer.

Portrait of Mary by Kirstie Dunston Photography.


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Why Should I Podcast: Why Should I Have Work-Life Balance
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