Ep. 17: Why Should I Be the Master of My Goals?

Why Should I? Podcast Ep. 17: Why Should I Be the Master of My Goals?

We all have some kind of goal we want to achieve, but have we ever stopped to think about the purpose of goals?  A conversation with social psychologist Kinga Mnich reveals how goals must first begin as a vision for what we truly want for our lives, understand why we have those desires, and then break the vision down into multiple achievable goals.  Ultimately, we can carve out the life we want and be the master of our goals.

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About the Guest

Kinga Mnich is a photographer, public speaker, and award-winning social entrepreneur. She has a Ph. D in Social Sciences and works independently in business consulting and social media management. You can find her at kingamnich.com and be sure to follow her inspiring Instagram @kinga.mnich.

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