Ep. 21: Why Should I Find Beauty in My Grief? with Samm Stafford

Why Should I? Podcast Ep. 21: Why Should I Find Beauty in My Grief? with Samm Stafford

Today we are talking about grief, an emotion so personal that it is often difficult to communicate.  Although it is a normal, natural response to loss, it leaves us feeling less than normal. When we are in the trenches of grief, it seems impossible to begin to search for beauty in the experience. However, Samm Stafford has used her experience with grief to love more deeply and create beauty in her ceramics. Today she is telling the story of her grief, how she has processed her grief, and why there can be a certain beauty in the experience of grief.

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Samm Stafford is the artist and owner of The Clay Moon, a line of modern, earthy ceramics and paintings.  Her work is inspired by nature, and each piece is made to give voice to the difficult things in life. You can find her work at theclaymoon.com, as well as follow her on Instagram @theclaymoon and on Facebook at facebook.com/theclaymoon.


-Artist Morgan Harper Nichols @morganharpernichols

-Author and Artist Amber Rae @heyamberrae


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