Ep. 6: Why Should I Exercise for Health, Not Vanity

Why Should I Exercise for Health, Not Vanity

Exercise feels little like a dirty word sometimes, doesn’t it?  We have come to associate exercise with punishment.  It’s the time we push ourselves beyond exhaustion because we are embarrassed we aren’t in better shape.  It’s what we do because we don’t like the way we look. Of course we hate exercise.

Sarah and Holly have treated exercise as a punishment in the past, but now have found a system that feels more like self-care and even look forward to exercise now.  What made the difference?  Perspective.  Join us in the conversation.


Madam Secretary:  I can't get a link on this that doesn't look insane--maybe just say it's on Netflix.


Time Health, "The Simple Reason Exercise Enhances Your Brain" by Alexandra Sifferlin: http://time.com/4752846/exercise-brain-health/

Holly Ybarrola