Why should I? The question that creeps into every woman’s mind yet often goes unanswered. The shoulds in life are numerous, controlling, and overwhelming.

Why should I love my body?

Why should I have children?

Why should I be happy?

This podcast is a place for women to have real, honest conversations about the shoulds in life, and together we can realize we’re not alone. We can let go of the timelines, the comparison, and the inadequacy, and we can live the lives we want.

Why Should I Podcast

The idea for the podcast came to host Holly Ybarrola after writing an article for The Everygirl, “Why Choosing to Not Have Children Is Okay”. She was surprised by the number of comments from women who had also contemplated this should and felt alone in their journey. This spurred Holly to keep wondering: Why should I? Why do I make certain life choices? Is it my choice or society’s choice?

The purpose of this podcast is to objectively search for answers, connect women, and promote positivity.

Why Should I Podcast

Holly is a high school English teacher from Lexington, Kentucky. When she is not recording the podcast, she is traveling with her pilot husband, Micah, and loving on her shih-tzu, George.

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